The 1906 Atlanta Race Massacre Documentary Film “Never Again”

A Film by Trent Frank

In harmony with The Coalition to Remember the 1906 Atlanta Race Massacre, “Never Again” seeks to increase public awareness of the 1906 Riot and Massacre and to document how certain multi-cultural and progressive members of Atlanta have come together to publicly remember and reframe the atrocity through the work of two successive, related coalitions. This video is a chronicle of the 1906 massacre as well as these subsequent coalitions and should inspire viewers to anticipate the future and get involved.


Call to Action

To call viewers into resilient community action and interracial dialogue around remembrance (including reframing and renaming the atrocity), resistance, racial reconciliation, and the restoration of the Black marketplace.


To inform the public about the 1906 atrocity.


To identify the ongoing Political, Economic, and Demographic conditions since the event.


To make a public record of Atlanta’s efforts to Remember and Commemorate the events and effects of the 1906 Race Riot & Massacre through the 2006 Centennial Coalition and the 2021 115th-year Coalition.


To inspire further community activism to resist the forces that would lead to a repeat of this history.

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