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In the heart of Atlanta, a tragic event unfolded between September 22 and 24, 1906, which has long been overshadowed in the annals of American history. The Atlanta Race Massacre of 1906 is a pivotal moment that reflects the complexities of race relations, the consequences of racial propaganda, and the urgent need for reconciliation and understanding. Our documentary seeks to shed light on this significant yet underreported event, bringing stories from the past to the forefront to educate, inspire, and ignite conversation for a better future.

The production of a documentary is a journey of discovery, creation, and sharing. It requires not only a passionate team but also the support of a community that believes in the importance of amplifying voices that history books have quieted. This is where you come in. Your financial support can help us cover essential costs such as research, filming, post-production, and distribution, ensuring that this important story is told with the depth and dignity it deserves.

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By supporting our documentary, you’re not just funding a film; you’re contributing to a broader conversation about history, race, and reconciliation. You’re helping to bring forgotten stories into the light, offering a chance for reflection, education, and hopefully, healing.

With your help, we can ensure that the truths of the 1906 Atlanta Race Massacre are shared widely, contributing to a more informed and empathetic world. Let’s come together to support this crucial project. Please follow this link to make a secure donation through PayPal. To learn about sponsorship, or simply learn more about the documentary, simply drop us a line through our “Contact us” page.  Your support can change the course of history by ensuring that these important stories are never forgotten.

Together, we can create a documentary that not only tells a story but also inspires change. Thank you for your support and belief in our mission.

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